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Reach your audience with the power of Social Media Advertising in Los Angeles

Ready to fire up an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram? Our team at MRLA Media got you covered with marketing strategies to help generate sales leads, engagement, traffic, or conversions.

Facebook & Instagram Social Media Advertising in Los Angeles

At our digital marketing company, we specialize in creating highly effective Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. With billions of active users on these platforms, we have the ability to reach a massive audience and generate real results for our clients.​

Our experienced social media marketing team in Los Angeles works closely with each client to understand their business, target audience, and marketing goals. From there, we create customized ad campaigns that are designed to resonate with your target audience and drive real results for your business.​

Our Facebook and Instagram social media ad services in Los Angeles include everything from ad content creation to advanced targeting techniques and ongoing campaign management. We use real-time data and analytics to continually optimize your campaigns for maximum performance and ROI.​

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate leads and sales, our Facebook and Instagram ad services can help you achieve your goals. We’re committed to providing our clients with transparent, data-driven results that show real impact on their business.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Los Angeles social media marketing services can help your local business.

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Different Campaigns That Suits Your Needs

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Sales Leads

Through a lead form, lead generation campaigns capture and produce high conversion rates, delivering sales leads to you in real-time without disrupting the customer's platform experience. These sales leads are also archived for later use, aiding in retargeting efforts for future offerings that your company may develop.

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For businesses without an established online presence or those in their early stages, engagement and reach campaigns offer a cost-effective method for building brand awareness and familiarizing potential customers with your company. This type of campaign typically has a lower cost per result, allowing you to reach a broader audience and capture their attention.

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Increasing website traffic not only benefits your SEO efforts but also generates higher quality leads. When users click on an ad and visit your website, their contact form submissions are more likely to convert into sales. Traffic campaigns also offer the added advantage of retargeting visitors who did not initially convert, providing additional opportunities to convert them into customers.

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Conversion campaigns are suitable for established accounts and ecommerce businesses seeking to boost conversions by targeting individuals with a high likelihood of contacting you or making a purchase. As conversion campaigns require website data to be effective, our social media marketing team in Los Angeles generally recommend them as a natural progression following a successful traffic campaign.

Custom Reporting

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During the onboarding process, your paid social advertising manager will assess your campaign goals, website traffic, and industry-specific best practices to determine the most suitable campaign type for your company. Each campaign type has its unique benefits and drawbacks, all of which will be carefully weighed to identify the best strategy for your business. You will receive a customized monthly report that summarizes your campaign progress, including ad spend, link clicks, conversions, or leads. Our social media advertising in Los Angeles features a real-time reporting system that allows you to change the date range and view your progress at any time.

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Benefits of Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook/Instagram ads serve three primary purposes: (1) Generating high-quality sales leads in real-time, (2) Enhancing your brand's reach to your ideal audience, and (3) Generating social buzz to benefit your organic search engine rankings.

Contact MRLA Media for a complimentary Facebook/Instagram ads management proposal.

​We create customized Facebook/Instagram social media ads for Los Angeles businesses and content that effectively engages your target audience. Multiple pieces are produced, enabling us to evaluate and identify the best-performing content. Depending on your preference, we can create interactive display ads or product/service videos.​

Target audiences are selected for your campaign based on your industry and business character. Additional audiences can be generated from your existing Facebook/Instagram followers and website traffic, and lookalike audiences can be created from other successful lists.

​Once your Facebook/Instagram ads management campaign is launched, high-quality sales leads are generated and delivered to you in real-time.​

Throughout your campaign, our social media advertising team in Los Angeles constantly refine target audiences and optimize creative to maximize performance, lead quality, and overall advertising ROI.


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Hear it from my own clients

Check out the feedback from our clients regarding their collaboration with myself and my expert digital marketing team.
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A fresh website launch for an IT consultant company in Los Angeles

"I recently had the pleasure of working with MRLA Web Design. They exceeded all of my expectations. From the very first consultation, their team took the time to listen to my needs and preferences, and they were incredibly patient and accommodating throughout the entire process.

Their design work was top-notch, and they managed to capture the exact look and feel that I was hoping for in my website. They also paid close attention to the user experience, ensuring that the site was intuitive and easy to navigate.

But what really set them apart was their level of customer service. They were always available to answer any questions I had, and they provided timely updates throughout the design process. Their professionalism and attention to detail made me feel confident that my website was in good hands.

Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome of my website and I would highly recommend this web design service to anyone in need of a professional and reliable team to bring their vision to life. "
David Wilson, web design client of MRLA Media
David wilson
The Stoepel Group
Sprout Dental logo

A dental office looking to dominate their SEO

"Johnny has been instrumental for my startup business. He showed me how we were doing very poorly with SEO and within a month we have seen real results that show good progress. He’s very responsive and answered all my questions throughout the entire process. I’ve even referred him to several of my friends! Thank you MRLA!"
Joseph Park Sprout Dental Monrovia MRLA Media
Joseph park
Sprout Dental Monrovia
Cryptonauts logo

Delivering results with social media ads

"Our goal was simple. To increase our brand awareness and drive more subscribers to our Youtube channel. We’ve worked with Johnny on a strategy, and concluded that Reddit was the best platform to run paid ads on due to the large crypto community. We now have an active campaign with MRLA Media, and we are gaining on average 100 subscribers a day due to the incredible marketing strategy implemented by Johnny. He takes care of everything while we sit back and focus on what’s important with our channel."
Nathan headshot testimonial at MRLA Media
Nathan leung
Country Dog House Alberta Canada logo at MRLA Media

A website helping pets become well groomed

"Fantastic experience! Even though we live in different countries, Johnny made it super easy to explain and get everything done remotely. If you want it done well and quickly, I'd highly recommend."
Megan headshot testimonial at MRLA Media
Megan campbell
Country Dog House
Furrly friends logo

Helping a dog walking service gain exposure through targeted audience reach

"I was floored with results and I could not have done this on my own. I simply did not have the time or education on where to start on marketing."
Elizabeth Regal headshot testimonial at MRLA Media
Elizabeth regal
Furrly Friends
Haus of Arches logo

Launching an eyebrow business website that excites

"When we launched our business, we had the slightest clue on how to market ourselves online. We wanted to build our brand and get our business in the eyes of people in our community, and Johnny was able to help us achieve that."
Holli G Gensole headshot testimonial at MRLA Media
Holli J. gensole
Haus of Arches
MRLA Media Instagram vector

Making life easier for Instagram influencers

"I highly recommend working with Johnny! He helped me with my digital marketing for my Instagram page last year. Don’t hesitate to give him a call!"
Pinsta testimonial headshot at MRLA Media
Pinhwa su
MRLA Media photography division

Headshots that rock

"Johnny was GREAT. He was able to help me relax, identify what looked good and what didn’t look as good and he created a successful set of professional headshots. Further, it did not cost a rent check! He is timely, thoughtful, professional, and truly knows what he is doing. Hands down I’d recommend Johnny La (MRLA Media) to my friends and associates."
Phil Hyssong headshot from MRLA Media
phil hyssong

The help that was needed to launch a child care website

"Johnny has truly been amazing with helping me create such an incredible website, something that I have been wanting to do myself for the past few years but have never gotten to it. I’ve always thought that making a website is time consuming but just never knew how to start and where to start. But creating a website is actually harder and more time consuming than you think! It’s not easy at all but Johnny really made it a breeze for me, working with me day and night through each step and was there for me every step of the way. He made the whole process seamless and really created a dream come true by piecing each piece to my puzzle. He started from scratch and now we have our own website. He walked me through every single step and was always there to answer my questions and made sure to not overwhelm me. It was a scary process but then soon it became fun for me as well. It’s just so happy for me as a business owner to witness the website come together as a whole! It has been such a great pleasure working with Johnny and I highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a professional website to be built! He did such a wonderful job and I can’t believe how quickly everything came together. Johnny has all the tools, is knowledgeable, and fun to work with! It’s hard to find someone you can trust nowadays!"
Sandy Wong
the Modern PlaySpace
MRLA Media

No longer lost with web design

"I was so lost trying to setup my website for my business. I started working with Johnny and my site was up and running in no time. He knows what to do. He is very professional and listened to what I was looking for. I would recommend his services a hundred times over. If you need help with your website, please work with him. You will not be disappointed."
Tammy Johnson Headshot at MRLA Media
Tammy johnson
Crafts by TJ

Web design & marketing work to help a construction business drive growth

"Definitely saw the increase of new customers after running our ads on social media. Johnny was easy to work with and helped developed our strategy to market ourselves."  
Bryce headshot testimonial at MRLA Media
Bryce campbell
Camchuk Contracting
MRLA Media photography division

Headshots that stands out

"Johnny is AMAZING! I loved my session. Not only are his photos beautiful, crisp, and modern...but he also really guides you through the acting process in your headshot session. This really was a game changer for me and helped my photos come out looking more like ME and what I look like while auditioning! 10/10, MRLA!"
Elyssa Herr headshot at MRLA Media
Elyssa herr
Lissa Mel art logo

An artist's dream come true

"I've met Johnny a few months ago and hired him to help me with my digital marketing for my art work here in Los Angeles. He's super professional and easy to work with! Highly recommended!"
Lissa Mel headshot testimonial at MRLA Media
lissa mel
Lissa Mel Art
MRLA Media photography division

A comfortable headshot session

"Johnny has a knack for making clients feel at ease, which is important for natural-looking actor headshots. He had some great local spots in mind for an outdoor shoot and we ended up with some excellent shots for use on all casting sites. Very professional, highly recommend!"
Allyson Floyd headshot at MRLA Media
Allyson floyd
MRLA Media photography division

From a networking mixer to a headshot session

"Johnny La is the kindest photographer you'll meet. Hands down.

I was fortunate to have met Johnny at a Networking mixer at USC. I got his business card from and knew right away that I wanted to work with him.

I contacted Johnny not long after for new actor's headshots. Even before the day of the shoot, he was always more than willing to answer the million and one questions I had for him. I sent him photos of potential outfits and he gave me feedback and provided me all the details & information I needed prior to the shoot.

I get pretty nervous in front of the camera, but on the day of the shoot, Johnny's friendly nature and silly methods to calm me down were quite helpful! Right away, he makes you feel as if you're old friends. I dread awkwardness, but I felt comfortable through the entire process. Additionally, he is more than willing to take as many shots needed until you're satisfied with your look.

After the shoot was over, he sent me all the files of my photos the same day so I could choose which looks I wanted him to edit. In just a matter of days after I had chosen which photos I wanted, Johnny send me over the final, edited photos, and they look great!

TL;DR: Looking for a photographer to take your headshots? Contact Johnny La ASAP!"
Angie Jho Lee MRLA Media Headshot
Angie Jho. Lee