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Google's pay-per-click campaigns are a highly effective way to market your business in the competitive online world. Let our team at MRLA Media manage your PPC to help produce high-end results. We have no start-up fees and require no long-term contracts.

Google Ads Management Services

At MRLA Media, we specialize in developing customized high-performing Google Ads Campaigns designed to deliver exceptional ROI.​

The sophisticated and ever-evolving Google Ads platform offers a vast marketing reach with highly targeted PPC ads across a variety of marketing networks. To create an effective Google Ads marketing strategy, we believe it's essential to understand your unique business model and goals, as well as leverage the most suitable campaign types, including:​

Search Campaigns:
Be visible to potential customers actively searching for your services or products.

Display Campaigns:
Increase your reach, remarket to audiences, and boost brand awareness and consideration.

Shopping Campaigns:
Display your retail products in a visually appealing way to the right audiences.

App Campaigns:
Boost engagement and installations for your IOS or Android mobile app.

Video Campaigns:
Elevate brand awareness with YouTube, targeting relevant channels and demographics.​

Our team of experienced Google Ads Managers is trained to guide you to the most cost-effective options while maximizing your campaign's performance.

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Industry-Leading Google Ads Campaign Management

The PPC industry is fiercely competitive, requiring a blend of marketing expertise, analytical prowess, and innovation.​ We perform ongoing, comprehensive campaign optimizations that include:

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Keyword Bids (Quality, Relevancy)
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Device Bids (PC vs Mobile vs Tablets)
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Scheduling & Location Targeting Bids (Day of the Week, Time of Day)
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Search Terms (Negative keywords or Positive)
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Audiences (Inclusion or Exclusion, Bidding)
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Competitive Research & Metrics Monitoring
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A/B Testing (Ads, Keywords, Campaigns & more)
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Policy Issue Resolution (Disapprovals, Suspensions & more)
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Conversion Tracking (Tag Testing, Verification & Upgrades)

Get quality leads, not duds

At MRLA Media, we develop effective Google Ads marketing strategies tailored to your specific business needs, market trends, and competition. Our extensive experience, coupled with contemporary knowledge and practical application, enables us to create expert-level Google Ads campaigns. A well-structured campaign, adhering to industry best practices, yields quality traffic data quickly.​

Our main objective is to generate quality leads, not just relevant traffic. To achieve this, we ensure that all necessary tracking tags are installed, tested, and verified on your website. Accurately tracking the most valuable website user interactions (such as form submissions, transactions, phone calls, etc.) enables us to analyze lead vs. general traffic data and optimize the appropriate campaign areas for maximum performance.

What makes MRLA Media different than others?

Our pricing is month-to-month, without any setup fees or long-term contracts required. You will always have full access and ownership of your Google Ads account data.​

Our dedicated PPC department continuously studies and tests industry trends to ensure optimal performance for your campaigns. Our experienced and certified Google Ads campaign managers provide hands-on management to maximize your return on investment.​

We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs, with accurate and verifiable conversion tracking to measure campaign success. Our service is timely, polite, and professional, with custom and easy-to-understand monthly reporting that is interactive and user-friendly.

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