August 26, 2023

What is Negative SEO? (And How to Fight It)

Navigating the intricacies of SEO in Los Angeles brings its unique challenges, notably the menace of negative SEO tactics. Discover how local businesses can safeguard their digital reputation, utilizing tools like Google's disavow feature to combat malicious backlinks and maintain a robust online presence.

What is Negative SEO? (And How to Fight It)

What is Negative SEO and How to Fight It: A Guide for Los Angeles Businesses

In the competitive world of search engine optimization, every business strives to get the best visibility in search results. But as the digital skyline of Los Angeles stretches out, not all play by the rules. Welcome to the dark side of SEO: Negative SEO. Let's delve into understanding what it is and how LA businesses can combat it.

Understanding Negative SEO

Negative SEO refers to a set of malicious practices aimed at harming a competitor's search engine rankings. Instead of boosting one's own website's ranking, these strategies target competitors with tactics designed to penalize them in search results.

In the sprawling digital marketplace of Los Angeles, with its booming tech startups and iconic brands, the competition can get fierce. But, while striving for that coveted spot on the first page of Google is understandable, resorting to underhanded methods is not.

Common Negative SEO Tactics to Look Out For:

  • Building Low-Quality, Spammy Links to Your Site: One common approach is for attackers to build thousands of spammy backlinks pointing to your website. This sudden influx of low-quality links can cause Google to believe you're trying to game the system and lead to penalties.
  • Content Duplication: Attackers might copy your content and distribute it all over the internet, making search engines uncertain about the original source, thereby diluting your content's value.
  • Hacking Your Website: In extreme cases, attackers might attempt to hack your site, either to alter its content or to take it down altogether.
  • Fake Reviews: Especially in a review-driven culture like that of Los Angeles, where word of mouth can make or break businesses, attackers might post fake negative reviews to tarnish your online reputation.

Fighting Back Against Negative SEO in LA:

1. Regularly Monitor Your Backlink Profile: Tools like SEMrush can help businesses in Los Angeles keep a vigilant eye on their backlink profiles. Any sudden influx of low-quality links should be investigated.

2. Set up Google Search Console Alerts: Activate email alerts so that Google can notify you about any potential issues with your site, including manual penalties, malware detection, or significant traffic drops.

3. Use Google's Disavow Tool: If you identify spammy or low-quality backlinks pointing to your site, the disavow tool by Google can be a lifesaver. This tool allows you to request Google to disregard certain links when assessing your site. While it should be used with caution, it's an essential tool for LA businesses that have become victims of negative SEO.

4. Secure Your Website: Regularly update your CMS, use strong passwords, employ two-factor authentication, and ensure your site is HTTPS.

5. Duplicate Content Checks: Tools like Copyscape can be used to check for plagiarized versions of your content across the web. If you find any, you can request the webmaster to remove it or report it to Google.

6. Monitor Online Reviews: Keep an eye on platforms like Yelp, especially if you're an LA-based business where local reviews play a significant role. If you spot suspicious negative reviews, report them.


Navigating the complex world of SEO in Los Angeles is challenging enough without the added threat of negative SEO. By understanding what it entails and actively protecting against it, LA businesses can ensure they stand strong in the face of underhanded tactics and maintain their rightful position in search results. Stay vigilant and always prioritize ethical SEO strategies for sustainable growth.

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