August 31, 2023

theoneDNA: A "Viet-glish" Voice Bridging Cultures

Dive into the melodic world of theoneDNA, an OC-based “Viet-glish” EDM singer bridging Western and Vietnamese cultures. From cherished memories of family karaoke to advocating for mental health, his journey is a testament to the power of authenticity and art.

theoneDNA: A "Viet-glish" Voice Bridging Cultures

theoneDNA: A "Viet-glish" Voice Bridging Cultures

In the heart of Orange County, amidst the bustling vibes of contemporary California, a unique sound reverberates through the air – it's the one-of-a-kind rhythms of theoneDNA.

When you delve into the world of theoneDNA, you don't just encounter a talented artist; you get a peek into a rich, personal tapestry woven from memories of Vietnamese classics, the energy of EDM, and a profound appreciation for authenticity and cultural roots.

An Artist with a Mission

Having started singing as a mere pastime, witnessing the glow of colored words on screens as his parents sung Vietnamese classics, theoneDNA didn't take long to decide that music was his destined path. Now, he's not just any singer; he's a proud OC-based “Viet-glish” EDM singer and songwriter. His goal? To use his art as a medium to bridge the Western and Vietnamese worlds.

Navigating the Waves of Independence

Despite the exciting trajectory his career has taken, it hasn't been without its challenges. While the age of social media has democratized fame, allowing independent artists like theoneDNA to forge their own path, it comes with its share of trials. From funding his own projects to battling inner doubts, the journey hasn’t always been smooth. Yet, what's clear is that his love for music, the "gravitational pull" he feels, keeps him anchored and moving forward.

Moments of Triumph

However, despite the challenges, moments of sheer elation punctuate his journey. From performing at the California Democratic Convention to an impromptu duet with his childhood idol Minh Tuyết, theoneDNA has had his fair share of euphoria. And with an upcoming performance alongside some of Vietnam's music icons in Anaheim, it's evident that the future holds many more such moments.

Beyond Music: A Voice for the Voiceless

Life has thrown its curveballs at theoneDNA. Through his personal adversities, he’s emerged not just stronger but more vocal about pressing issues. A staunch advocate for mental health awareness, especially within the Asian community, he uses his platform and music to discuss topics often brushed under the rug, transforming pain into powerful, resonating anthems.

Words of Wisdom

For those looking up to him, and dreaming of following a similar path, theoneDNA has a message: "Be consistent, network wisely, and immerse yourself in the world of music. But, above all, be true to yourself and enjoy the ride."

In a world where identity often gets tangled in complexities, artists like theoneDNA serve as reminders. Reminders that art, especially music, is a universal language, breaking barriers, connecting hearts, and celebrating authenticity.

Upcoming Events

theoneDNA: Later this year on November 5th, 2023  in Anaheim, my band “New Tradition” and I will be performing alongside some of the most well-respected artists in the Vietnamese industry: Lưu Bích, Henry Chúc, and Vân Quỳnh. (Tickets are on sale right now! DM me on my socials for more info.)

IG - @theoneDNA

New Tradition (Band’s IG) - @newtradition_official

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Photo Credits: Hieu Vo, EJ Valeros

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