September 5, 2023

Rebecca Dado: Blooming Artist of Light Grey Studio

From nurturing a childhood love for flowers alongside her mother to establishing her very own Light Grey Studio, Rebecca Dado's journey is a symphony of passion, sacrifice, and unwavering determination. Dive into the story of this multimedia floral artist who's made her mark by turning blossoms into breathtaking art.

Rebecca Dado: Blooming Artist of Light Grey Studio

Rebecca Dado: The Blooming Artist Behind Light Grey Studio

Rebecca Dado's artistry blooms from a deeply rooted love for flowers. Her Southern California upbringing surrounded by nature's beauty has shaped the artist she has become today. With a portfolio spanning tattooing, painting, and floral preservation, Rebecca's journey is as diverse as it is inspiring.

Blossoming Roots

Rebecca's deep-seated passion for flowers traces back to her childhood memories. It's hard for her to forget the precious moments spent with her mother, Mary Lou. They bonded over tending to rose gardens and taking floral arrangement classes at their local YMCA. "My mother had a such a feminine and delicate way about her and she is my true inspiration," says Rebecca. This connection with her mother and flowers would set the foundation for her artistic career.

The Blooming Path

Rebecca's journey took a significant turn when she graduated from OTIS College of Art and Design in 2010. She briefly ventured into various paid jobs but soon felt a longing to express her creativity independently. "My creativity wasn’t being fully utilized," she recollects. By 2012, she took a brave leap into full-time tattooing, which despite being nerve-wracking, was the start of her true calling.

Within a few years, Rebecca's dedication and passion bore fruit. The highlight? The establishment of her very own Light Grey Studio in 2015. The studio reflects her floral designs, which she describes as "natural, ethereal, and romantic."

Growth and Sacrifices

Like every success story, Rebecca's path was not without challenges. The pressure of solely relying on her skills post-graduation was a testament to her determination. "It was terrifying not to have a paid position," she says.

Her ascent also meant making personal sacrifices. From missing social events to letting go of unsupportive relationships, Rebecca's commitment to her craft and business was unparalleled. "I wanted my business to succeed, and to me, that was more important."

Guiding Principles

Rebecca’s success hasn't just been about her talent. She adheres to core values that guide both her personal life and career. "Strong work ethic, honesty, fairness, and openness to new experiences," she states, are the cornerstones to her achievements.

Words of Wisdom

For those aspiring to walk the path she's carved, Rebecca offers some heartfelt advice. "Never give up," she urges. "If you’re giving your art everything you have, keep pushing forward until your vision becomes a reality. Even if it takes time, it'll be worth the wait."

From Petals to Perseverance

Rebecca Dado's story is a beautiful testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the enduring influence of one's roots. From a young girl admiring her mother's rose garden to the owner of Light Grey Studio, Rebecca’s journey continues to inspire countless budding artists to chase their dreams, one petal at a time.

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