September 3, 2023

Press Release: "Survival" Streaming on September 25th

1oneninety5 and In Yo FACE Filmworks, the executive producers, are thrilled to unveil their latest fast-paced thriller, 'Survival', featuring stars Elise Neal and Demetrius Grosse. Catch it streaming on Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Google TV starting September 25th.

Press Release: "Survival" Streaming on September 25th

Streaming on September 25, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA., - Executive Producers 1oneninety5 and In Yo FACE Filmworks announce the release of Survival, a fast-paced thriller starring Elise Neal and Demetrius Grosse streaming on Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Google TV beginning September 25th.

Executive producer and veteran casting director Leah Daniels Butler (Empire, All American, and Coming 2 America) along with Henry Butler of 1oneninety5 production company, teamed up with director Damon Jamal of In Yo Face Filmworks to produce the award-winning film, Survival (Best Dramatic Film, Best Director) starring Elise Neal (Logan, Hustle & Flow) as Tally Frugé, Demetrius Grosse (Fear of the Walking Dead, Straight Outta Compton), as her husband Will Frugé and Dylan McNamara as the maniac Dax Lugast (First Kill, Ambition).

This gripping film, written by Damon Jamal and Dave Eisenstark, immediately draws you into the dilemma that Tally faces as her husband Will has to try and locate her with no support from the police, as he attempts to rescue her from Dax Lugast, who just killed a cop. It is an intense thriller that reveals the imperfections of Tally, her relationship with her husband, and the perceptions of Black women as kidnap victims.

“This film keeps you guessing, hoping, and wishing every step of the way, until the very end. These are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.” said director Damon Jamal. “The movie lays bare the treatment Black people face by law enforcement when they are the victims.”

"We are excited to team up with Damon Jamal as executive producers on this project” said Leah Daniels Butler of 1oneninety5 Productions. “As a casting director for over 30 years I’ve always wanted to put together a film from the ground up. Our partnership has created an outstanding film.”

About In Yo Face Filmworks

In Yo FACE Filmworks was established in 2007 by Damon Jamal in the San Francisco Bay Area first known for exciting music videos and hip-hop documentaries. After becoming one of the top video production companies they moved their office to Los Angeles to create feature films. For more information visit:

About 1oneninety Productions

1oneninety5 is a production company established in 2016 by Leah and Henry Butler that specializes in telling diverse stories. For more information visit

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Jackie Wright


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