August 4, 2023

Meghan Ketz: Enriching Mocktails with The Sweet Syrup

‍A Kentucky native with an entrepreneurial spirit, Meghan Ketz, has swiftly transitioned her early ventures into a flourishing business in Los Angeles. Armed with a passion for creativity and a love for her craft, Meghan turned a simple coffee shop business into 'The Sweet Syrup,' a brand dedicated to crafting delicious mocktail syrups.

Meghan Ketz: Enriching Mocktails with The Sweet Syrup

From Selling Paintings to Syrups 

The bustling city of Los Angeles is a far cry from Meghan's humble beginnings in Kentucky, but the move was a conscious choice to satiate her yearning for big city life and better weather. Meghan's entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, selling paintings and homemade food. "I've always been a little entrepreneur," she says, recalling her early years. Her business prowess eventually extended to starting a coffee business and innovating syrup blends to accompany the brews. When she realized the potential of her unique concoctions, 'The Sweet Syrup' was born.

A Taste of Inspiration 

Meghan draws her inspiration from diverse sources, with the popular reality TV show 'Sharktank' being a primary catalyst. The show, she hopes, will feature her brand one day. Meghan's approach to her business mirrors the show's mantra of understanding your numbers and having a clear vision. 

Sweet Struggles and Successes 

As is the case with any start-up, 'The Sweet Syrup' had its share of initial struggles. Meghan remembers the initial months of investing in her business and waiting for the returns as the most challenging part of her career. Unlike a conventional job where the paychecks come in every two weeks, a new business can take months to start turning a profit. 

Despite the obstacles, Meghan's resilience and dedication led her to her biggest accomplishment – starting her venture. She vividly remembers the thrill of her first sale and the gratifying comments from her customers, which she considers the sweetest part of her journey. 

The Sweet Syrup Mocktails

A Recipe for Success 

Making 'The Sweet Syrup' a household name required some personal sacrifices, including spending less time with friends and investing more time and effort into her venture. Meghan upholds her core principles of prayer, honesty, and loyalty, both in her business and personal life. 

Her advice to those aspiring to follow her entrepreneurial path is to simply "start." Meghan recounts the importance of flexibility and being open to changes in her business model. Her initial idea was to create an interactive mocktail experience at farmers' markets in Woodland Hills and Calabasas. However, upon learning that her customers preferred bottled syrups to share with friends and take to dinner parties, she swiftly pivoted her business to meet her clients' needs. 

Meghan Ketz's journey with 'The Sweet Syrup' is a testament to the power of a persistent entrepreneurial spirit and a strong belief in oneself. It's a wild ride indeed, and Meghan, with her scrumptious mocktail syrups, is ready for the thrilling journey ahead.

You can follow The Sweet Syrup's IG here: @thesweetsyrup

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