December 22, 2023

Bo Sapphire: Capturing the Essence of LA's Botanical Beauty

Bo Sapphire's captivating botanical cyanotypes are a testament to her unwavering passion for nature and unique artistic vision. Discover the beauty of her niche art, where sunlight transforms photosensitive solutions into stunning blueprints, in a world where every brushstroke is a stroke of nature's own hand.

Bo Sapphire: Capturing the Essence of LA's Botanical Beauty

In the bustling world of art and photography, one artist stands out for her unique blend of creativity, passion, and a deep connection with nature. Bo Sapphire, a talented photographer and paper-based artist, has been making waves in the art scene with her captivating botanical cyanotypes. We had the pleasure of speaking with Bo to learn more about her journey, inspiration, and the challenges she's overcome to become a successful full-time artist.

Bo Sapphire graduated from the Academy of Art University with a master's degree in photography in 2019. Her artistic journey began with a therapeutic need to heal during a difficult period in her life. Nature has always been her muse, and creating botanical blueprints became a way for her to find solace and rediscover herself. The turning point came when she sold a few pieces of her art through a part-time job, realizing that her art not only brought her joy but also happiness to others. That pivotal moment led her to make the life-changing decision to become a full-time artist.

Her current body of work focuses on documenting the relationships between local plants and the abundant sunshine of LA neighborhoods. Bo's unique style involves adding paintings on top of her cyanotype prints, giving her artwork a distinctive and captivating aesthetic.

The most formidable challenge in Bo's artistic journey lies in the promotion and sale of her niche art, particularly in the online realm. Bo specializes in crafting botanical art using the cyanotype process, an alternative photographic technique dating back to 1842. This process relies on a photosensitive solution that, upon exposure to ultraviolet light, undergoes a chemical reaction, yielding a distinct blue pigment. Often referred to as sun prints or blue prints, this niche art form remains relatively unknown to the general public, making it more demanding to market and sell. Unlike more mainstream art forms such as paintings, where immediate understanding and appreciation are common, Bo's cyanotype creations require a deeper connection and understanding, which presents a unique set of challenges in the world of art commerce.

When asked about her biggest accomplishments, Bo humbly reflects on her journey. She experimented with various local markets and art shows to discover her target audience, leading to significant growth. She embraced e-marketing campaigns to boost online sales, enhancing her business skills to better serve her art career.

Bo has also undergone personal changes to adapt to her dual role as an artist and a homemaker. Separating her personal and art space effectively, managing time efficiently, and learning the art of work-life balance were essential lessons along the way.

Bo's core principles revolve around staying true to herself and her vision. Her art is a reflection of her love for nature, and she remains steadfast in creating what inspires and interests her. With unwavering self-belief and dedication to her craft, she overcomes obstacles on her path.

For aspiring artists, Bo offers valuable advice: "Please be patient with yourself, try not to take things personally when you face challenges because art is objective to others. You will make it one day only if you keep going for it and follow your heart."

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