September 9, 2023

Arish Rivers: From LA's Nightlife to Prime Real Estate

Navigating the bustling world of LA to the high-stakes real estate market of San Jose, Arish Rivers' journey is a testament to passion and adaptability. Discover how this industry connector turned real estate maestro shapes success with his core principles and relentless drive.

Arish Rivers: From LA's Nightlife to Prime Real Estate

A Man with a Pulse on the Industry

Born and raised in the fast-paced world of Los Angeles, Arish Rivers embarked on a journey that led him to the serene landscapes of Northern California. Nestling in San Jose, Arish made connections in the nightlife and entertainment production sectors, establishing himself as the 'go-to guy' for industry insights.

Over time, his unique talent for connecting dots in the vast maze of industries became evident. Arish wasn't just in the middle of things; he was the catalyst that sparked numerous ventures, collaborations, and success stories.

A Shift to Real Estate

Leaving his LA roots, Arish is now a prominent name in the competitive real estate market of San Jose, CA – one of the highest-valued markets in the U.S. While his impressive portfolio includes multiple business ownerships, Arish's real passion lies in coaching real estate agents. Leveraging the digital boom, he has mentored hundreds, guiding them to success.

His accolades aren't just limited to real estate. The EMMY-nominated and TELLY award-winning lifestyle TV show, American Dream TV, often features Arish as a recurring host. 

Journey to Success

Arish's motivation is simple: Never be the reason someone's day gets ruined. This philosophy is woven into his career choices. Initially drawn into the bail bonds sector, he quickly realized it wasn't the environment conducive for raising a young family.

His pivot to real estate wasn't entirely unexpected. With a family background in mortgage brokering and appraisals, it was a familiar territory. Arish's transformative moment came when he met Adam Modzeleski of Rainbow Funding. After insightful conversations, Adam recognized Arish's potential and steered him towards being an agent. Arish's gratitude towards Adam is evident when he mentions, "Adam made the right call. The rest is history still being written."

Triumphs and Challenges

Every career has its share of peaks and valleys. For Arish, the initial hurdle wasn't about finding business, but managing time. Balancing personal commitments with professional demands is a delicate act, and Arish admits he's still perfecting it.

However, accolades like the Rookie of the Year award from Weichert Realtors and an Executive's Club award for sales underscore his professional success. But if there's one achievement Arish beams about, it's his family. As he aptly puts it, "When I look back at my family, I know I've really got it good."

Personal Evolutions

The path to success is often paved with personal changes. For Arish, it meant moving from a world bustling with people to cherishing a tight-knit circle. Over two decades, he transitioned from enjoying large gatherings to understanding the value of close connections. Throughout these transformations, Arish's cornerstone has been his supportive wife, who's been his anchor through thick and thin.

Guiding Principles and Tips

Arish's life and career are guided by five core principles:

  • Ensuring he never ruins someone's day.
  • Adopting radical truth and transparency.
  • Encouraging hard conversations for growth.
  • Believing in collective success.
  • Prioritizing patience to understand and connect.

For aspirants looking to emulate his success, Arish offers three golden tips:

  • Know Your Numbers - Understand the metrics of your goals.
  • Say YES - Step outside, meet people, embrace opportunities.
  • Be Shameless - Flaunt your skills and don’t fear judgments.

A life full of challenges, transitions, and growth – Arish Rivers stands as a testament to what one can achieve with passion, dedication, and the right mindset.

You can visit Arish's website at:

His IG at: @arishrivers

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