September 8, 2023

Andrew Ngin: The Inspiring Journey to Empowerment

Andrew Ngin's transformative journey from the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown to the prestigious halls of UCLA showcases the power of determination and the spirit of resilience. From financial empowerment in Compton to building schools in Nepal, Ngin's story is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within us all.

Andrew Ngin: The Inspiring Journey to Empowerment

A Journey to Empowerment: The Inspiring Story of Andrew Ngin

Andrew Ngin's story is a remarkable testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a meaningful life. His journey from the bustling city streets of San Francisco, through academic challenges and onto the reputable halls of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), shows us that with perseverance, one can defy all odds.

From Humble Beginnings

Born to parents who escaped the chaos of the Vietnam War and Cambodian Genocide, Ngin was born in San Francisco's Chinatown and lived in eight different apartments by the age of 18. "Growing up as a first-generation Teo Chew Asian-American, my family's struggles were my constant reminders of the sacrifices my parents made for a better life for my sister and I here in America," Ngin recalls.

The Leap of Faith

Growing up, Ngin grappled with academic challenges throughout his school years. Determined to overcome his circumstances, he made a daring move at the age of 18. "I packed my Honda Del Sol, left the comfort of my home, and drove down to LA on my own and without my family’s blessing," Ngin says. This decision wasn't easy. He recalls the solitude and challenges of those early days in Southern California, "I often wondered if I had made the right choice. But I had a dream, and I constantly reminded myself not to give up."

Achieving the Dream at UCLA

This dream was to make it to UCLA and get an education. After a rigorous period at community college, marked by a combination of long hours working at the mall to support himself, he achieved an impressive 3.83 GPA to transfer to UCLA. Despite his initial rejection from UCLA’s admissions, Ngin didn't let this deter him. He says, "I wrote a letters of appeals, sharing my story, my struggles, and dedication to gaining admissions to UCLA." Touched by his tenacity, the university reversed their decision.

Finding Purpose in Financial Empowerment

While at UCLA, Ngin immersed himself in diverse fields ranging from economics, accounting, and ethnic and global studies. He even took on the challenge of learning a secondary language, Mandarin Chinese, revealing a drive to continually adapt and thrive. He also traveled to Shanghai China for a summer study abroad program with UCLA Anderson School of Management to further his studies in business Chinese. His endeavors landed him an opportunity with an investment company after graduating, marking the onset of his career as a Financial Adviser. It was a role he embraced wholeheartedly, starting by hitting the streets in Compton, CA to prospect for new clients and begin build his business from the ground up as an independent advisor. During the early stages of his business, he also worked as a busser at a restaurant called Xino Santa Monica over the weekends to support himself financially. He was determined to stick it through and build his business sharing his knowledge of financial literacy with as many people that would take a meeting with him. 

A Passion to Educate

Ngin's career trajectory is underpinned by a desire to empower others. "I believe it is important for people to learn financial literacy," he says. "The art is in the savings, investing, and building passive income." With over a decade of experience, Ngin's proudest moments have been when his clients achieve financial freedom. With his clients, the mission is to make a path to financial freedom so they can take care of themselves and their families. Also, so they can become more capable and inspired to give back to something they care about in society.

Building Education: A Dream for Global Learning

But financial advice is just one facet of Ngin's multifaceted career. His travels to over 29 countries and 55 cities around the world has exposed him to the pressing need for education in developing nations. He remembers, "Seeing children on the streets, selling candy during school hours, prompted a deep question - why aren't these kids in school?" This realization led him to co-found Building Education, a non-profit with the ambitious mission of constructing 1,000 schools worldwide to give kids a safe place to learn. Nign said, "Education empowered and motivated me to build a business teaching others about money.”

Guiding Principles and Future Aspirations 

In his journey, patience has been a guiding force, a lesson passed down by his grandparents. He emphasizes being a leader, keeping promises, and offers sage advice to those aspiring to follow his path: "Don't be afraid to ask for help. Set goals, be patient, and accept that some things take time."

An Unwritten Future

Andrew Ngin's story is still unfolding, but it's evident he's far from done. "The rest of my bio has yet to be written...but I am just getting started," he concludes with a glint of excitement for the future.

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