August 17, 2023

What is a Nuru Massage and is it Legal?

Dive into the intricate world of Nuru massage, an ancient Japanese therapeutic technique. Uncover its rich history, sensual undertones, and the thin line it treads in the legal landscape of California.

What is a Nuru Massage and is it Legal?

What is a Nuru Massage? And What About Its Legality?

Nuru massage, with its origins in the bustling nightlife of Kawasaki, Japan, has gained significant attention in the western world in recent years. Touted as an exotic and sensual experience, it has quickly established itself as a sought-after therapy. Yet, many people remain unsure about its practice and whether or not it's legal. This blog post will shed light on the essence of a Nuru massage and delve into its legality.

What is a Nuru Massage?

Nuru is a Japanese word that means "slippery" or "smooth". This perfectly describes the essence of the massage. Nuru massage is a full-body-to-body massage where both the client and the masseuse are nude. What sets it apart is the use of a special gel made from deep seaweed called "Nuru gel".

The Process

  • Preparation: Before the massage begins, both participants are recommended to take a warm shower. This serves two purposes: it cleanses the body and warms up the muscles, making them more receptive to touch.
  • Application of the Gel: The Nuru gel, usually mixed with warm water to get the desired consistency, is then generously applied to both participants' bodies. This gel is colorless, tasteless, and extremely slippery, which provides the unique sensation associated with this type of massage.
  • The Massage: The masseuse uses their entire body to massage the client, gliding effortlessly due to the properties of the Nuru gel. With each slide and press, tensions are released, and intimacy is fostered. The closeness and continuous skin-to-skin contact can be incredibly arousing, which is one of the reasons why Nuru massage is often associated with erotic massage.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

Like other massage therapies, Nuru massage offers several benefits:

  • Relaxation: The primary goal of most massages is relaxation, and Nuru is no exception. The sensual touch and the properties of the gel help to release muscle tension and alleviate stress.
  • Improved Circulation: The body-to-body contact and manipulation of muscles can help improve blood circulation, rejuvenating the body.
  • Enhanced Skin Health: The Nuru gel is rich in nutrients and moisturizing properties, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Intimacy: For couples who indulge in it, Nuru massage can serve as a medium to improve intimacy and rekindle the spark in their relationship.

Legality of Nuru Massage

The sensual nature of the Nuru massage has placed it under scrutiny in various parts of the world. Its legality varies significantly based on regional regulations and cultural perspectives.

Western Countries:

In many western countries, including parts of the United States and the UK, massage therapies, in general, are legal and regulated by the state or local municipalities. However, any massage that includes sexual services is illegal in places where prostitution is prohibited.

In the U.S., while massage is a licensed profession in many states, offering sexual services, even if camouflaged under terms like "Nuru massage", would be considered illegal. Establishments offering genuine Nuru massages (without sexual services) would typically need to operate under the guidelines for massage parlors and spas, following all required certifications and regulations.


In California, the practice of massage therapy is regulated by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). While massage itself is a legitimate therapeutic service, any act that veers into the realm of sexual services is illegal. Given the inherently intimate nature of the Nuru massage, it often falls into a gray area in terms of legality. Explicitly offering or promoting sexual services under the guise of a Nuru massage is illegal in California, as in many parts of the United States. Any establishment or individual caught providing such services can face legal repercussions, including the revocation of licenses, fines, or even criminal charges. It's crucial for both providers and clients to be aware of the boundaries set by law to ensure they don't inadvertently participate in or facilitate illegal activities.

Asian Countries:

In Japan, where Nuru massage originated, adult entertainment services are regulated differently. While full-blown prostitution is illegal, other forms of erotic services, which might include some forms of Nuru massages, might be permissible under certain conditions and establishments.

Other Asian countries have varying stances, often based on cultural norms and religious perspectives.

Always Research:

If you're considering experiencing a Nuru massage or setting up a Nuru massage service, it's crucial to research the local laws and regulations thoroughly. It's always recommended to operate within the bounds of the law and ensure the safety and consent of all involved parties.


Nuru massage, a fusion of therapeutic touch and sensuality, offers a unique experience for those willing to embark on this slippery journey. Its sensual nature often misconstrues its intent, but like all massages, its primary aim is relaxation and connection. As always, when venturing into such experiences, it's essential to ensure you're informed about the legality in your region and to prioritize safety and respect.

*Please note that this is an informative article and should not be taken as legal advice.

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