July 6, 2023

Uncovering the Juiciest Top Burger Restaurants in Los Angeles

When it comes to indulging in a mouthwatering burger, Los Angeles is a city that knows how to deliver. From classic American diners to upscale gastropubs, the burger scene in LA offers a tantalizing array of options to satisfy even the most discerning burger enthusiasts.

Uncovering the Juiciest Top Burger Restaurants in Los Angeles

Get ready to sink your teeth into the best burgers in Los Angeles as we embark on a flavorful journey through the city's culinary landscape.

  1. Father's Office: Tucked away in Santa Monica and Culver City, Father's Office is an iconic destination for burger lovers. Their Office Burger, a symphony of flavors with caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese, and a tangy arugula mix, has gained a cult following. Paired with their impressive selection of craft beers, this gastropub is a must-visit for an unforgettable burger experience.
  2. Plan Check Kitchen + Bar: Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, with locations in Fairfax, Sawtelle, and Downtown LA, offers a modern twist on the classic burger. Their renowned Plan Check Burger features a perfectly grilled patty topped with a slice of Americanized dashi cheese, ketchup leather, schmaltz onions, and a crunch from their mixed pickles. Don't forget to order their famous "ketchup leather" fries on the side for the ultimate indulgence.
  3. The Apple Pan: Established in 1947, The Apple Pan is a beloved LA institution that has stood the test of time. This classic burger joint in West Los Angeles serves up their signature hickory burger, featuring a flame-grilled patty with Tillamook cheddar, pickles, lettuce, and their secret sauce, all tucked between a toasted bun. Pair it with a slice of their famous homemade apple pie for a truly nostalgic experience.
  4. Stout Burgers & Beers: With multiple locations in LA, Stout Burgers & Beers has earned a stellar reputation for its gourmet burgers and extensive beer selection. Indulge in their famous "The Stout Burger" with blue cheese, Emmental cheese, rosemary bacon, caramelized onions, and roasted tomatoes, all nestled within a fluffy brioche bun. Vegetarians will also find solace in their delectable veggie burger options.
  5. Cassell's Hamburgers: Step into the historic Cassell's Hamburgers, located in Koreatown, and experience a burger that pays homage to the past. Their renowned patty, made from freshly ground beef daily, is cooked on a seasoned griddle, resulting in a perfect sear. Enjoy their classic cheeseburger or opt for the Blue Plate Special, featuring unique variations like the Green Chile Burger or the Original '50s Burger.
  6. Belcampo Meat Co.: Belcampo Meat Co., located in Downtown LA, offers a farm-to-table approach to burger perfection. Known for their high-quality, organic, and sustainable meats, their Belcampo Burger is a true delight. Featuring grass-fed beef, caramelized onions, horseradish aioli, and aged white cheddar, this burger is a testament to the superior taste and ethical sourcing that sets Belcampo apart.
  7. The Oinkster: Last but not least, The Oinkster in Eagle Rock is a hidden gem for burger enthusiasts. Their Angus burger, cooked to juicy perfection, is a crowd-pleaser. With options like the Royale with Cheese, pastrami-topped burgers, and unique specials, The Oinkster will satisfy your cravings for bold flavors and innovative twists on classic favorites.


Los Angeles offers a burger landscape that caters to all taste buds and preferences. From traditional classics to inventive creations, these top burger joints in LA are guaranteed to elevate your burger experience to new heights. Whether you prefer a no-frills, nostalgic bite or a gourmet masterpiece, Los Angeles has a burger for every craving.

Embark on a culinary adventure and explore the iconic Father's Office, savor the modern twists at Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, or take a trip back in time at The Apple Pan. Stout Burgers & Beers, Cassell's Hamburgers, Belcampo Meat Co., and The Oinkster round out the list of must-visit burger destinations.

Los Angeles' burger scene is a testament to the city's diverse and dynamic culinary landscape. So, gather your appetite and prepare for a taste sensation like no other. Bite into the juiciest burgers, revel in the unique flavor combinations, and enjoy the delightful experience that only the best burgers in Los Angeles can provide.

Whether you're a local resident or a visitor passing through, make sure to add these burger hotspots to your culinary itinerary. Indulge in LA's burger culture, and let the flavors transport you to burger paradise. Get ready for a memorable feast that will leave you craving more. Bon appétit!

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